Hi, I am a San Francisco Bay Area native and a graduate of San Francisco State University with a major in Film and a Minor in Spanish. Creating films and videos has been my passion since I was thirteen. My forerunner to filmmaking was drawing, along with learning to play the piano. I've always enjoyed the visual-auditory dynamic of mixing moving imagery with music, which comes from an innate interest in image composition, motion and the above all, a love of storytelling.                                                     

My skills in Writing/Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics & Videography come from years of honing my craft, being resourceful when options were few and just having a whole lot of fun. I started with my parents old VHS camera, where you had to lug around the VCR, while you were shooting. As a freshman in High School I graduated to a PC running Adobe Premiere 4.0 and over the years, through internships, various classes and self-initiative I learned Final Cut Pro, After FX, Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightwave 3D and more, allowing me to visualize what I had once only imagined. I now work strictly on Macs, running Final Cut Studio, The Adobe Creative & Production Suite.

Although based in Prague, I split my work between the San Francisco Bay Area and Europe and have shot videos in over 10 countries. 

True passion for your work is the only way to live!


Adad, 2011

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